Bill Janssen Watercolor Pointillism

Welcome to Max Thursday Fine Art exclusive representation for Bill Janssen original artwork.   

We’re jam packed with Bill’s watercolor pointillism. You can buy original paintings here http://maxthursdayfineart  or less expensive archival prints of selected works here  Have a look around and see what’s available. 

Read Bill’s bio and other information and if you have any questions, contact us at or . 

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Upcoming Youtube

In the works: A little painting studio tour accompanied by some music from earlier efforts is in the works. Nuggets of Bill’s contributions to Adrian Belew, Loud Shirts, Food and Money, Cicero Slim Blues Band and more coming in December.


I am Bill Janssen from Denver, Colorado. I am a self-taught painter. Self-taught in that my father taught me and he was self-taught. I have been drawing and painting, and making photographs for fifty years. I have a BA in history, trained at music conservatory, and have played music professionally.  I often use primary colors, familiar images…

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